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House, Shed, Garage, Garden Clearance


There are many reasons you may require a House, Shed, Garage or Garden Clearance, but we will offer the same friendly and reliable service whatever the reason.


The process is as follows:

·       From your call or email a Clear It team member will contact you to discuss the requirements of your clearance.

·       We will then pay you a visit to look at the items or rooms you need clearing.

·       We will evaluate the job and either give you a free no obligation quote to remove the items or make an offer for the items you may wish us to purchase.

·       If we are successful then we can arrange a convenient day to complete the job for you.

Furniture Purchases


If you have grown tired of a piece of furniture and would like it removed quickly and at your convenience, think of us first, save time on advertising and give us a call. We will either offer you a competitive price, remove free of charge or ask for a fee for the item to be disposed of safely and responsibly.

Call NOW for a free no obligation quote.